samedi 10 octobre 2009

Halloween is coming!


Vampire Fangs

Sterling silver vampire fangs hang from an 18" sterling silver ball chain.

Vampire fangs are moveable, they can open and close.
They measure approx. 8mmH x 15mmW x 14mmD.


La Sorciere - Ebony Blossom w/ White Ribbon and Tulle Headband

La Sorciere works her magic with a black flower made of shimmering organza petals and an artfully placed bead spray.

The ebony blossom has been framed by three black leaves, three loops of white glitter wire, thin ebony feathers, and a wickedly enchanting cascade of jet black tulle.


Neuro Necklace

This powerful symbol of intellect (or just plain macabre) is delicately housed in an elegant Victorian style frame. The gunmetal plating completes the look of gothic edge making it suitable wear for an evening out as well as a day of errands.


Leather Love Cuff

The silhouette of a bird in flight descends upon a bare arm. This piece is designed and hand cut in soft Premium buttery leather by yours truly.

It was inspired by the arabesque motifs and swirling tendrils of Art Nouveau though it does resemble the Karakusa designs of the Japanese.

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