lundi 5 octobre 2009

Featuring WildDalliance

I love this type of illustrations. They make me think of old fairy tales and my childhood.
Here is what WildDalliance, the author says about it:

Meet Mollie...

She is the first in my new French Market, Petite Bohemienne series inspired by my childhood. For a few years we lived in a cozy little cottage that had somehow survived smack dab in the middle of a metropolis. It was so lovely and unexpected with a whimsical stone wall and a yard that was ever overwhelmed with wild flowers. In the summers the butterflies were everywhere.

Years later, the cottage is the place in my heart that I paint from. After all, every now and then it is nice to remember that once upon a time, when the world was different, I lived in sweet little sundresses and saddle shoes...

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