samedi 30 janvier 2010

Cowl - neck warmer

I have worked on this design all morning, and here it is! It is easy to knit and is fun to wear.

mercredi 27 janvier 2010

Scarflette - Neck Warmer

This is my newest design,

I have finished it today, took pictures, listed the PDF PATTERN on ETSY and sold it within 30 minutes!

I love this neck warmer, although it is knitted with a chunky yarn it is not heavy or bulky. And even a beginning knitter can make it!

There are many different ways of wearing it. Asymmetrical way as in this picture, with exposed button

There are no buttonholes, but the way it is knitted you can button it anywhere between the loops!
Tha drop -loop and garter stitch create think and soft fabric

To buy this pattern please click here

jeudi 21 janvier 2010

Light box

So, I decided to change pictures in my shop.
First thing I had to do is make a light box. it took me 10 minutes and costed 1.37 USD (tissue paper).

So I took a box from noodles, cut out 3 sides, leaving one inch on each side of each "wall". Then I taped tissue paper to each wall. Et voilà!

I bought lights at IKEA, but I don't think they are enough, I need to buy at least one more light and more powerful bulbs to avoid yellow shades.

Here are some pictures that I took today

Before After

Apple Sweater

new designs