samedi 24 octobre 2009

FREAKY-SPOOKY Toys for Halloween


Jack is a one of a kind original and hand sewn. Made with wool mix felt, heavy duty craft thread and premium catnip with no fillers. Get this just in time for Halloween for your special feline friend! Watch your cat get SPOOKED with this Monster.

Monster Time

Mr. Biz

Mr. Biz is a goofy executive sock monster looking for a good home. He has been lovingly hand-stiched and stuffed using only the finest of materials.

Meghan with Anh

I Loathe DracuVarks Spooky Halloween Edition

Dodi the DracuVark (aardvark) comes out at night looking for his next meal. Sleep with one eye open during the autumn season bacause you never know when you'll be next!

Dodi is made out of black eco felt and measures 8 inches wide from nose to tail, 4.5 inches high and 1.5 inches deep. He has a squeaker inside of him and his eco-felt eyes and heart are sewn on. The orange heart has black hand stitching around to make it pop! Little white felt fangs feature fake blood drawn on. The back of Dodi has our mini pelican square tag.

Persnickety Pelican

Amigurumi Halloween Bowling Set

Black Cat
Candy Corn
3 Monsters
Eye – Bowling Ball

Kirti's Kaboodles

Maria Jose

Maria Jose is the doll you must have and love. She gets two beautifull eyes with two long eyelashes and a big big smile.

She is approx 16 inches (40 cm) tall and approx 10 inches (25 cm) wide.


Crevice Creep (batrachoseps attenuatus)

Creepers of this variety appear closely confined to the narrow, dried-up eddies carved into eroded bubblerock. They commonly jump up from the cracks and go "Blabblogagablooey!" and scare the living bejeezes out of you. This Creep stands 11 inches tall.


Art Doll Softinella

Here is a suuuper soft Art Doll called Softinella.

Softinella is made of velvet, yarn, wool, sequins and silk.
She is stuffed with polyester and glass beads.

Softinella is 45cm (17.7 inches) from top till toe.


Crudelis Fatum the Vampire Rag Doll

"Good day,
my name is Crudelis Fatum, Vampire of the East. I'd like to be your friend for ever and ever and EVER!"

Come to the freakshow and watch the vampire twins drink blood. Crudelis is 1 minute older than her Brother Mactabilis and never lets him forget it, I am sure that she will remind him of it for all of eternity.
Crudelis has drunk blood in 5 of the 7 continents over the last 175 years.

The Circus Master

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