mercredi 11 août 2010


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I want to present my new collection of knitted accessories that can be just great for
BACK TO SCHOOL gifts for teachers and kids!
This GIVE ME A BREAK knitted cozy set can be a perfect gift for you dear one, a friend or a co-worker. These hand knitted accessories will be so useful for somebody who has his lunch at office and will also give him a stylish look!

GIVE ME A BREAK includes:

* Tea/Coffee Mug Sweater
* Tea/Coffee bag Tote
* Apple Jacket.

All these items are hand knitted by me with a high quality wool yarn of a very beautiful
colors and various vintage buttons for closure.

* Tea/Coffee Mug Sweater is 8" long and 3 1/4 " wide
(20 X 7.5 cm) and will perfectly fit cups with 10" circumference and more.
* Tea/Coffee Bag Tote can easily hold 3-4 tea or coffee bags and a couple of sweeteners.
* Apple Jacket will perfectly fit a regular size apple

Buy it now!

Buy it now!

Buy it now!

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